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Collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes reveals technology and technology is irreplaceable for every step we walk.



Marketing is about communicating the value of a brand. Therefore everything starts with it.



Branding is a marketing strategy that involves creating the personality of brand in order to attract costumers.


We are serving our clients with the integrated digital marketing and web development solutions. We are a digital marketing and web development agency focused on aiding its clients with creative and results-oriented digital solutions.

Equipped with a creative team of designers, developers and marketing strategists, we create unique web, mobile and digital marketing strategies and solutions which stand out effectively in any industrial niche. Focused on the business goals of our clients, we believe in delivering measurable results for their greater brand loyalty and online growth. For providing customized and industry specific solutions, we dive into the business of our clients for developing a thorough understanding of their objectives, values and market placement, and then we develop tailored solutions for them.


Who we are?

We are experts in the digital space and leading providers of efficient and customized solutions for the digital marketing and web development requisites of our clients. We aid our clients in fulfilling their online technology, marketing and branding needs with great efficiency and industry expertise.


What we do?

As one of the leading and foremost web development and digital solutions provider, we offer our clients a comprehensive array of web and online services comprising of:

  • Social Media marketing and Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Services
    Email Marketing
  • Web Designing
  • Web development
  • Mobile Application Development

We provide virtually everything which is required to enhance your brand’s awareness on the web and attract prospects while keeping the customers engaged. Being more than just a web development and digital marketing consulting firm, we believe in offering our clients end-to-end solutions specific to their industrial niche to bring the optimum results in shortest possible time.  Our technical and executive management team, with a strong background, vast experience and unmatched expertise delivers our clients an unparalleled ability to develop their business on the online platforms by enhancing their visibility, growth and productivity.



Today, more than 70% of consumers use social media to take their purchasing decisions and if your business does not have social media presence, you are losing a great opportunity to develop deeper relationships with your customers. We, at Digicots is a leading Digital Marketing and Branding solutions provider offering you highest quality social media marketing services. You need to capture your customers where they spend most of their time, and nothing other than social media presents better opportunity for this. We help you cultivate better relationships with your customers by: Building brand awareness Engaging your customers Creating and sharing unique and informative content Our social media marketing services include: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Youtube Instagram Google+  



As Facebook is one of the most popular and largest social media platforms, it’s the right time to get indulged with Facebook if you have not been using it for your business’s online marketing. Facebook helps your business grow by providing you a unique platform for communicating, interacting and engaging with your audience. A large percentage of users prefer to connect with the brands through Facebook, and thus, Facebook presence can be incredibly beneficial for your brand. We provide our clients with multi-faceted Facebook marketing strategies to engage their customers and potential customers while helping them take their purchasing decisions. We attach social actions to your advertisements on the Facebook for increasing relevance, c creating demand for your products and services and precisely target the users by location, gender and age. Furthermore, by delivering useful insights we help you to further customize your Facebook marketing campaigns. Our Facebook marketing services subsume: A Facebook page customized according to your business’s requisites Facebook page optimization Custom Facebook marketing Facebook social monitoring and reputation management Facebook based promotional campaigns Facebook marketing analytics and performance reporting



LinkedIn is the largest professional social network across the globe, and about half of its members are more likely to purchase from the companies and firms with which they engage here. By making your business active on the LinkedIn network, you can enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts and strategies. By designing unique and customized marketing strategies, we, at Digicots aid you generate new leads and drive traffic while helping you find potential customers. We use this organized platform to present your brand in an engaging manner and leverage your existing contacts to connect with the right people. Our LinkedIn marketing services include:  LinkedIn business page setup  A customized cover image for your LinkedIn page  Sales lead generation  Links from the various social media outlets and LinkedIn to your website  Personal link building and customized contact development programmes  Competition monitoring and sophisticated data mining  Systematic relationship building and continuous networking  Customised LinkedIn marketing including content creating, content posting, LinkedIn monitoring and reputation management



Not only YouTube an incredibly popular social media channel but it is also among the top three search engines across the globe. People view billions of hours of YouTube videos every month. YouTube videos can prove as an efficient tool for displaying your business’s services and brand’s offerings. Undoubtedly, YouTube has cemented a concrete position as one of the top video sharing websites and it pulls in higher number of searches than Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL combined. Thus, YouTube is the perfect place to get your videos discovered by your potential customers. Moreover, you can maximize your YouTube visibility by investing in the optimization.  We, at Digicots work with businesses hailing from diverse niches to ensure that their products and services appear better, engaging and interesting on the search results of YouTube. Our YouTube marketing services include:   Creation of a YouTube channel designed specifically to match your website’s look   Special crafting of titles and descriptions around the most searched keywords to enhance the visibility of your video   Complete text transcriptions along with the video to support its optimization for search   Addition of a customized embeddable button on your website to direct the traffic on your YouTube channel   We also ensure that a cohesive message is delivered throughout your YouTube video marketing



Twitter, in the past couple of years has grown immensely as an ideal place to market your business. As per a survey, 67% of users are more likely to purchase the products and services from a brand which they follow on twitter. So, if you have not been marketing your business on this social media platform, then you are missing a great opportunity to connect with your existing and potential users. Twitter is certainly a social media platform with incredible digital marketing potential. We drive you in the right direction in the world of tweets and hashtags to help you enhance your brand awareness and connect with your customers. We aid our clients with powerful strategies pertaining to Twitter best practices to help them engage effectively with their audience, answer their queries and spread the word far & wide. Our YouTube marketing services include:   Custom designed profile picture for your brand   A custom designed header that ideally matches the branding of your existing website   Professional consultation pertaining to utilization of the Twitter features for marketing your business effectively



As a social media platform dedicated to discovery and inspiration, Pinterest is the perfect social media channel for the businesses which boast visually appealing products and services. As Pinterest generates 27% more revenue than Facebook and 400% more than Twitter, it, undoubtedly, is a worthy channel you must consider exploring for your social media oriented campaigns. Pinterest, an online bulletin board encourages more purchases compared to any other social network. Through Pinterest you can share your content and allow your potential customers to discover your brand. Our Pinterest marketing services include:   Setup of Pinterest business account   Creation of customized Pinterest boards   Development of unique and customized Pinterest marketing strategy   Development of unique and informative content to enhance brand awareness



Instagram is an extremely popular photo sharing social network which is not just used by a large number of people but is also used most often by them. You can leverage this social network to display the visually appealing products and services of your business. By posting the pictures of your products and services, you can utilize your loyal customers to turn into your brand ambassadors promoting your products to the targeted audience. We, at Digicots specialize in Instagram marketing aimed at building the brand awareness and engaging existing & potential customers. Our Instagram marketing services include:   Developing results oriented and customized Instagram marketing strategy   Optimized content development and Image SEO   Comprehensive keyword research and conversation marketing   Engagement pattern analysis to refine the marketing strategy



Developed by the most popular search engine of the world, Google+ is growing and evolving consistently. It has acquired the second rank among the top social media platforms and it aids you to connect with your targeted audience in a several ways. Furthermore, it also helps you to gain the value credibility using authorship and more. Using Google+, you can easily build relationships with your potential and existing customers while growing your audience and traffic. By sharing relevant and informative content, you can connect with millions of Google+ users easily and let them discover your brand. Some of the unique features offered by Google+ make it worth digital marketing efforts. It allws you to share relevant videos, posts and photos, lets you connect with customers through video chats, gives an opportunity to enhance your click through rates and gives easy access to all the Google’s apps subsuming Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Google My Business, and Maps etc. Our Google+ marketing services include:   Setup of Google+ business page   Customized cover image ideally representing your brand and business   Optimized content development and Image SEO   Comprehensive keyword research and conversation marketing   Engagement pattern analysis to refine the marketing strategy



Why social media optimization? As social networks have grown immensely, they offer online businesses a great chance to stay ahead in today’s cutting edge competitive environment by popularizing their brand image and increasing the user base. Social media sites are not only the most frequently visited and used sites by the internet users, but they are also the most trusted sources of information possessing the power to influence the buying decisions of users. By ignoring social media or not optimizing it, your business will certainly lose a significant amount of visitors. What we do? Digicots offers its clients comprehensive and exhaustive SMO (Social Media Optimization) services to deliver you them the optimum benefits including targeted traffic, branding, larger online footprint, results oriented leads and wider reach to the potential customers. We leverage various social media platforms, social networking websites, user groups and blogs to enhance the popularity of the services and products offered by our clients while making awareness about their business at a vast level. We optimize the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Instagram etc. in the most extensive manner to deliver highest results from your social media campaigns. We:   Promptly enhance your brand’s presence as well as its perception   Spread positive information about your business across various channels   Bring a positive social media impact on the search engine rankings of your website   Increase your web traffic while generating more sales leads   Enhance the popularity of your company by indulging in interactions with your customers, both existing and potential   Give you an edge over your competitors Our SMO services We possess a dedicated team of SMO professionals adept at carrying out successful SMO campaigns for our clients. Our team members understand that when used effectively, the social media can become one of your organization’s best assets for greatly improving its organic search results. They not only design effectual social media campaigns but also connect and interact with people on different social media venues for extending the reach of your business while increasing the opportunities for people for linking to your primary business page. Our professionals help you connect all your social media accounts in a consistent and cohesive network which points your potential customers where you want to redirect them. They deploy a strategic multi-faceted process for developing a successful SMO foundation for your business and to drive more potential customers to it. To know more about our SMO services, Contact Us today.



PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising gives your business a unique opportunity to enhance the reach of your business and reach the top positions on the search engines by paid search advertising. Through PPC, the links to your websites appear on the relevant partner websites which redirect the traffic to your website.  It delivers instant traffic to the site while effectually complimenting your existing SEO strategies by testing business models, marketplace verticals and keywords. Digicots offers comprehensive PPC services which are tailored as per the requisites of each client and we perform detailed analysis on the current position of the company, its competitors and other aspects before designing a unique results oriented PPC strategy for it. What we do? Design unique and effectual PPC strategy for you In order to design a bespoke and unique PPC strategy for you, we carry out a deep delved research on your business, its niche, your competitors and your USPs. Then we design a strategy considering all these aspects to deliver desired results in the shortest span of time. PPC strategy Implementation If you have existing PPC campaigns, we make changes to it or else we make new PPC accounts for you to implement the designed strategy. Keywords We ensure that with your PPC campaign you are targeting the most appropriate keywords. We leverage the most sophisticated techniques to ensure that the full search landscape is covered effectively with only the right keywords. Adcopy Writing We make sure that the adverts are completely focusing to the ad group’s keywords and on the landing pages of your website along with a strong call to action. Our aim is to get you the optimum and right traffic at the lowest possible rates. Ad Extensions Ad extensions have become an imperative part of a PPC campaign as these transform your adtext while giving you an opportunity to stand out in this competitive landscape. By using Ad extensions, we ensure that your PPC campaign is the most effective and results oriented one. Campaign Tracking Dearth of right data makes the optimization of a PPC campaign quite difficult. Thus, we deploy the most advanced tracking tools to generate right data to ensure complete optimization of your PPC campaign. PPC Optimization Ongoing optimization properly refines the existing PPC campaign and focuses on pushing the performance boundaries of the campaign. Attention to detail is the key, and this is what we follow. Reporting We produce periodical reports to provide you meaningful insights about your PPC campaign, and we use these results to further improve your PPC campaign to enhance its effectiveness.



Digicots partners with its clients for creating digital marketing strategies and defining newer digital business models, enabling the brands and enterprises for successful digital engagement with their customers. Our experts help you leverage the digital channels for interacting and engaging with your existing and new customers while driving traffic to your website. Our multidisciplinary digital marketing practice considers all the aspects of the businesses and utilizes insight driven analytics to design captivating digital marketing strategies for the companies. We provide the most effective and efficient solutions for listening, influencing and engaging the online community for reinforcing the brand identity and building brand awareness while virally propagating the brand message as the brand advocates. Gap Analysis We let our clients take the optimum advantage of our custom analysis for better understanding their audience and developing a results oriented plan of engagement by providing them accurate gap analysis. Gap analysis provides our clients an in-depth understanding of the current state of their website and any digital marketing efforts they are indulged with, while identifying the key factors affecting the ROI, conversions and the traffic. The cardinal goal of this analysis is to make our clients understand their audience better and interact with the customers in a way they prefer while developing content they are seeking. Our gap analysis also provides them the recommendations for further enhancing their digital marketing strategy. Our Gap analysis services subsume:   In-depth analysis of your target audience and market   Website evaluation including architecture, content, crawlability and metatags   Technical analysis for the site performance hindrances and other technical issues   W3C validation for ensuring that code on your website complies with the W3C standards   Check out the URLs which cannot be successfully crawled by Google including http error code and server errors   Analysis of the off-page ranking factors   Performing deep delved analytics and recommendation for their digital marketing strategy enhancements Customized solutions Customized development of the digital marketing strategy is quite vital as the customers today have become highly aware and they take their purchasing decisions only after carrying out comprehensive research about the product, brand and the company. We, at Digicots develop a completely bespoke digital marketing strategy for our clients after thoroughly understanding the target audience and the customers, who they are, what motivates them to take the buying decision, how they behave, their location and many more. We leverage different digital channels and social media to engage with your target audience, understand what influences them, and then develop customized digital marketing solutions aimed at enhancing the organic listing of the business, improving the brand awareness, increasing traffic to your website, making your brand discoverable and optimizing your marketing efforts.



Advertising, since its inception has always been about storytelling and selling. But today, these two entities – selling and storytelling have become so intertwined that it has become quite difficult to discern where one of these ends and the other begins. Today, with immense rise in the digital media and social networking, audiences expect the brands to provide thorough support on their purchasing journey with relevant information. Thus, brands need to create informative content and provide them to their customers when they need it through the channels they prefer to use. Digicots’ holistic approach towards content development and content marketing helps brands to succeed in this era of content driven marketing. Our integrated content marketing strategies allow us to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Our content marketing strategies combine our brand research with audiences’ interests and linguistic profiles to deliver the right content using the brands’ current assets while leveraging the media for marketing effectively. We go much beyond simply publishing content. Our professional marketers are agile, aware and active about what consumers are saying about our clients’ brands. So, we not only develop captivating content marketing strategies for guiding content development while arming our clients with the right tactics to ensure that their processes and resources are in place. Our content marketing includes development of: Mobile, Social and Online Content We develop, manage and market the content for the mobile platforms, web, social media and other leading digital platforms. For enforcing the brand consistency, we collaborate with our clients’ marketing strategists for delivering the right message to their target audience. Product Documentation We have professionals adept at developing comprehensive documentation for a variety of products to reduce the user’s dependency on the technical support forums & helpdesks and facilitate better user adoption. We align our content services with your product teams to aid users become more productive.



Email is one of the most flexible yet effective means of online communication, and is valued by users for its enticing, rich and timely advertisements and information. Email has the widest reach and as it is a personal communication with a person, it certainly garners more attention than any other means of advertising and marketing. Online Email campaigns, as the tools for digital marketing, have surfaced as one of the mist affordable and effective online advertising methodologies available to digital marketers owing to its scalable generation of ROI. We, at Digicots, serve you with finest quality and results oriented Email marketing services aimed at strengthening your relationship with your customers and providing you an effectual way to enhance your ROI while widening your reach.  Our professionals design the most efficient Email marketing campaigns emphasising on deliverability, marketing and operational optimization. Our Email marketing comprises of: Email Strategy development and Email Design Depending on the exact requisites of your organization, brand and customers, we design a unique Email marketing strategy for you. Our Email marketers are adept at developing the ideal strategies to meet the Email marketing targets of the firms. We personalize your campaigns and ensure that your marketing objectives are not just satisfied but exceeded while your ROI increases. List management When using an Email marketing strategy, it’s important to recognize the right recipients in order to promote the brand among the right set of new and potential customers. Thus, list management is an integral part of our Email marketing strategy and we ensure that the promotional Emails are received by the right set of people. Furthermore, we give you access to the widest and broadest whitelist with the largest number of targeted customers. Targeted Email With a clear call to action, our Emails are targeted at the exact marketing objective and promote the products & services of your brand in a subtle yet effective manner. Our designers develop the targeted Emails perfect suiting the purpose. Email Automation Converting the leads in the sales is not an easy task, especially when you are working hard on converting the potential buyers into your existing customers, and existing customers to make subsequent further purchases. Here, we aid you with Email automation which can help in personalizing the email campaigns and pushing the prospects in, through the sales funnel. Here, we programme a series of targeted Emails for the different set of recipents to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign. Email Reporting We continuously report and track the Email campaigns to gain the insights about the campaign, in order to your ROI. Reporting helps in accurately checking that where your recipients are engaging the most, and we use this information to improve our Email marketing campaigns.



As a company’s online presence is becoming more and more central to how it interacts with its customers and prospects and finding new potential customers to grow the business, it becomes vital to make the website as search engine friendly as possible to enhance its unique visitors and to make it more easier for the search engines to rank & present in the top search results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process to achieve these. We, at Digicots, the digital experts offer the best SEO services to our clients for promoting their website on the leading search engines leveraging optimized content and pages whilst building your brands’ reputation and recognition online.   We combine the most advanced technology and uniquely customized strategies with our digital expertise to deliver the accelerated SEO outcomes. We orchestrate the delivery of results to ensure that the technology investments made by our clients translate into business outcomes. We deliver the best SEO services by optimizing various SEO components. Meta Titles and Descriptions Meta titles and descriptions are among the most vital components of a successful SEO strategy and we, at Digicots do not overlook this significant component. We develop the most relevant and useful Meta titles and descriptions to enhance the website visitors. The Meta descriptions are highly important in gaining the click through SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). These short but useful paragraphs are the best opportunities that webmasters can leverage to advertise content for searchers and inform them what the given page possesses with regard to hat they have been searching for. Internal Linking Structure Internal links are, basically, the links which point to some other page on the same website. Internal links are most useful for establishing the website architecture and spreading the link juice. From the perspective of usability, internal links make the website easily navigable by the users. Furthermore, an effective and efficient internal link structure aids in establishing an information hierarchy on your website which is beneficial for both search engine rankings and users alike. Owing to the significance of internal links, the SEO experts at Digicots, leverage these for enhancing the search engine rankings and search engine friendliness of your website and for attracting the visitors. Header Tags Headings are the HTML code pieces which allow making certain words stand out from the rest of the page. Though, there can be various header tags in the page, but the most significant one is H1 tag.  Owing to the highest weightage given to this tag by the search engine, it plays a significant role in ensuring higher search engine rankings when used with other SEO tactics. It basically shows that what your web page is about. Our SEO experts understand the vital role that H1 tag plays in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of a search engine optimization process, and thus, work strategically in assigning the most relevant and keyword oriented header tags to the pages.  The SEO experts at Digicots use the header tags in the most effective manner to deliver the best SEO results. URL Canonicalization A canonical SEO strategy helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the overall SEO strategy while positively affecting the rankings of the websites on the search engines. It assigns the principal targeted keywords to a single canonical page on the website and sends clear and strong signals to the search engines, along with the website’s human visitors, to acknowledge that which page is the authority and the pace where they will most likely find the highly relevant content they have been searching for. We, at Digicots, leverage the URL canonicalization to avoid the pitfalls of the duplicate content on your website, which is seen by the Google and other search engines as a negative aspect of your website. Furthermore, we use URL canonicalization to ensure that your website gets optimum advantage of the SEO strategies being implemented on it. Keyword Search Developing a winning and captivating SEO strategy requires development of a unique, effective and results-oriented keyword strategy by searching the most appropriate and high-performing keywords capable of driving relevant traffic to your website. Choosing the right keywords for an SEO strategy can make all the difference and we are best at it. Our SEO strategists are best at selecting the most apposite keywords for your SEO campaign which relate very closely to your business. We perform a profound research about your business and then work on finding the best keywords which can bring maximum results and visitors to your website. Then, we use these keywords very strategically in the content to ensure that Google and other search engines rank your website well. Link Acquisitions Links are among the most vital parts of the SEO strategy as they ensure website visibility in the search engines. Even on smartest search engines like Google, hyperlinks are among the most significant elements that enhance a website’s visibility. Link acquisition is one of the most underlying elements of our SEO strategy development and our SEO experts help you define your link acquisition objectives, identify the key influencers and audiences in your industry, and develop a captivating strategy to attract these links through content and outreach. By developing a natural link profile, we ensure that your SEO strategy stays organic and your website is ranked well by the search engines.



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